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Updated: Jul 28, 2022

The contemporary style 1Bk proposed design by our team perfect to suit any site conditions with its adaptability. It creates a complete new minimal luxury world and the perfect connection to the nature both in the daylight and the night sky. The design creates a perfect vacation space at an affordable pricing.

Shipping containers are built to be strong, secure, and practical. These are all sound benefits for storage and mass transit, but do they make for comfortable accommodation?

The idea of living in a shipping container might strike some as odd – unfeasible, impractical, and maybe even a little unappealing. But it’s important to think of shipping containers not as finished products, but as raw materials – as exoskeletons for future homes.

Because really, there’s no end to what you can do with a shipping container. They can easily be insulated and fitted with windows, doors, indoor partitions, electricity and running water – everything that’s needed for human inhabitation. A single shipping container can be transformed into a cosy dwelling in no time at all. But if more space is needed, you can just stack multiple containers on top of each other.

Beyond providing high-quality affordable housing, converting shipping containers for human use addresses another major problem facing the world right now – global warming.

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